Client: Queensland Department of Environment and Natural Heritage

Priscilla and Kuuki again joined forces with ToadShow in 2019 to create new interpretive signage  for Whitsunday Island. Priscilla was involved in scoping and concept development for this project, which included way-finding signage, and interpretive panels that are sensitively integrated into the island’s pristine environment. ToadShow’s Anne Jones created small plaques that are dotted along walking paths, and larger interpretive panels for rest points at Whitehaven beach, Tongue Bay, and a number of other islands in the Whitsunday group.

Priscilla designed entrance statements to mark the landing points on Whitehaven Beach and Tongue Bay. Extensive research and consultation with National Parks and Wildlife staff to produce these  that, while also ensuring public safety and minimal maintenance requirements in this remote location.

The overall shape of these signs is inspired by rolling ocean waves and views of Whitsunday Island’s mountainous profile from the sea. Distinct graphics reflect the unique character of these places. The Tongue Bay sign features turtles and the swirling sands of Hill Inlet, which can be from a lookout accessed from this point. Gentle, glistening waves transform into manta rays on the Whitehaven beach sign.