To feel another person’s pulse is an intimate and physical interaction. In these prototypes we use near field communications to extend the tangible reach of our heart beat, so another person can feel our heart beat at a distance.  The work is an initial experiment in near field haptic interaction, and is used to explore the quality of interactions resulting from feeling another persons pulse.

This work takes the form of two feathered white gauntlets, to be worn on the fore arm. Each of the gauntlets contain a pulse sensor, radio transmitter and vibrator.  The pulse of the wearer is transmitted to the other feathered gauntlet and transformed into haptic feedback. When there are two wearers, their heart beats are exchanged.  To be felt by of each other without physical contact.  It is envisaged that we will create a “swarm” of objects all broadcasting pulse, which will allow us to explore potentials for interaction within larger groups.

More details coming soon – but before then below are two images of the feathered gauntlets.





A Kuuki Production, and was realised by:

Artists: Priscilla Bracks, Dean Brough and Gavin Sade
Programming: Glen Wetherall

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

Australia Council for the Arts

Made with Processing and Arduino.