Charmed is an Experimenta New Visions Commission, and was created by Priscilla Bracks, Gavin Sade and Matt Dwyer (2007). Charmed was initially exhibited as part of Experimenta Playground: International Biennial of Media Arts, which attracted a total of 44,043 visitors.

Artist Statement
The touch sensitive screens of Charmed offer intimate views into a virtual world accessed via three glowing resin pods. Each pod provides an entry point to inhabitants of suburban neighborhoods, apartment buildings and city spaces. Within these highly evolved snow domes, a black and white linear aesthetic depicts a world populated by mesmerized figures carrying out the routine tasks required of their environments. Haptic gestures, like touching or tapping, provide a pathway into the spaces and a connection with the cultures, uncovering the diminutive details of the lives of these animated figures. Touching the screen can break the spell and provoke change. Repeated tapping can cause chaos, disrupting lives, forcing computers to malfunction and causing traffic accidents. Tapping can impact inhabitants, even causing a man to drink so much that the inevitable happens and he wets his pants. In Charmed each portal offers an impression of omnipotence as private lives and public spaces are exposed and controlled by our touch.


Charmed in Experimenta Playground: International Biennial of Media Arts August 2007.



Charmed in Play ++ at the International Symposium of Electronic Art July – August 2008



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PremiereExperimenta Playground Biennial of Media Art
25 August – 23 September 2007
The Arts Centre, BlackBox
100 St Kilda Rd
Melbourne Victoria Australia

Experimenta Playground National Tour. Charmed is also touring as part of the Experimenta Playground National Tour2008 – 2009:

  • Performance Space@CarriageWorks, Sydney:: 8 May-7June 08
  • Samstag Museum of Art, Adelaide ::30 Aug- 17 Oct 08
  • WA Museum, Perth:: 15 Nov 08 – 1 Feb 09
  • Bendigo Art Gallery, Victoria :: 25 April – 7 June 09
  • Albury Library Museum, 25 July- 7 Sept 09
  • Pinnacles Gallery, Townsville:: October 09 (tbc)

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Charmed is a Kuuki production, commissioned by Experimenta, and was brought to life by the following people:

  • Gavin Sade (Original concept, concept development and refinement, sound design & technical direction)
  • Priscilla Bracks (Original concept, concept development and refinement, animation, and visual design)
  • Matt Dwyer (Concept development and sculpting)
  • Matt Petoe (Electronics design and engineering)
  • Glenn Wetherall (Programming, animation sequencing, and media wrangling)
  • Richard Vaughan (Cabinetry)
  • Special thanks also to Phillipa Rook for teaching Priscilla a little about the craft of felting.

Charmed was commissioned by Experimenta for Experimenta Playground:International Biennial of Media Arts.

Charmed has been kindly supported by: