Gavin Sade

Technical Direction, Interaction Design, Sound Design, Gluing.

Gavin is a designer in the field of interactive computational media, with a background in music and sonology. Gavin Sade has a Bachelor of Music (Sonology) from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. Gavin has been creating interactive media systems since 1990 when he began working with electronic music band Vision 4/5 and later with Keith Armstrong and the Transmute Collective. Gavin has a PhD in interactive media arts and sustainability. He is currently Assistant Dean (Academic & International) of the Creative Industries Faculty at the Queensland University of Technology.

Since forming Kuuki with Priscilla in 2006 Gavin has lead the production of a number of electronic artworks that have been exhibited in international settings, such as the 2011 International Symposium of Electronic Art in Istanbul. Gavin’s practice is guided by an ecological philosophy inspired by vegetarianism and the critical design philosophy of defuturing, and is a mix of electronic art and critical design.